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It is key to detect that a person is suffering through this life-threatening disease is very important to know how. Malaria symptoms and treatment is something everybody needs to be aware about, especially in the rainy season. The causes will be without any viral disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Malaria

  • Mild Fever

    You may experience mild fever in the beginning and then the feeling of nausea accompaniedwith headache with chills.

  • Muscle Pain

    Continuous muscle pain which would result in tiredness and you won’t be able to cope with the daily routine.

In order to protect kids from the dangers of Malaria stick these mosquito repellent patches on their clothes or apply mosquito repellent roll on .

Mainly the symptoms of Malaria can be divided into 2 categories:

Uncomplicated Malaria and Severe Malaria

We’ll talk about the Uncomplicated Malaria first.

  • Mild Infection

    No severe infection or dysfunction of the vital organs are observed in the uncomplicated malaria.

  • Left Untreated

    If you do not have any immunity or it is close to none, or the disease is left untreated and not cured in time; it can turn into a case of severe Malaria.

  • Recurring Nature

    The causation of this malaria is for 6-10 hours and can then it will re-occur on the second day.

  • Mixed Symptoms

    The strains of the parasite may show mixed symptoms too and may be prolonged.

The areas of a location, where the malaria is not very common, it may remain undiagnosed or the doctor may not be able to diagnosis it properly and treat you for something else. This may usually happen as the symptoms of Malaria resembles that of a flu.

The progression of symptoms in uncomplicated malaria are slow and needs to be observed carefully

  • Sweating

    The initial stage involves both cold and hot factors along with intense sweating. Excessive sweating with a normal body temperature is very common.

  • Sensation in Body

    A cold sensation in body accompanied by shivering is one of the main problem.

  • Fever and Nausea

    Constant fever with headache and vomiting is something one needs to be ready for.

  • Seizures


Malaria when occurs in younger people causes seizures sometimes which is a very dangerous thing.

In some locations, Malaria is such a common thing that the ones effected are able to identify the symptoms as they know how Malaria is spread and are able to treat themselves.

Now we will discuss what Severe Malaria is

As the name suggests, the infection is severe than ever in this. There is a vital organ dysfunction (the most important organs of your body will start functioning in an unorderly manner).

When a person is suffering from the Severe Malaria, he/she is bound to experience some symptoms which may not fade away easily.

  • Chills

    Fever and chills are the early symptoms of Malaria.

  • Impaired Consciousness

    Along with it, impaired consciousness is what one needs to be afraid of. It is a phenomenon where awareness of oneself and the surroundings become difficult to comprehend. All of this will come under Cerebral Malaria.

  • Kidney and Heart Failure

    There are also chances of kidney failure, collapsing of heart and low blood sugar (especially in the case of a pregnant woman).

  • Multiple Seizures

    The person will also suffer from a prone situation; a position where the individual lies face down flat on the surface, multiple seizures, heavy breathing and discomfort.

  • Breathing Problem

    Unable to breathe properly and lack of adequate oxygen intake is also observed.

  • Abnormal Bleeding

    Bleed in an abnormal way along with signs of Anaemia and clinical case of jaundice is also one of the symptoms found commonly while suffering from it.

If not treated timely or properly, it can be life-threatening. The risk of recovering will be almost none.

Treatment of Malaria Disease


Bitter leaves, Lemon Grass and Ginger


Wash the three ingredients thoroughly and cook for about twenty minutes.

Allow it to cool down.
Drink a glass thrice daily for a week.


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