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Easy Way To Make Carrot Oil

Cold pressed method

  1. wash carrot and grate
  2. put in a covered bowl or bottle
  3. Pour in any oil of your choice(coconut, olive) to completely cover the carrot.
  4. Cover tightly
  5. Keep where sunlight can easily get to It
  6. Shake every three days.
  7. Leave for two Weeks
  8. Then sieve with a clean handkerchief
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Heat method

1.Wash and grate carrot
2.Put In A Pan/pot And Cover With Oil
3.Fry On Low Heat Till They Are Tender And The Oil Has Turned Orange
4.Remove From Heat And Allow To Cool
5.Sieve Till There Are No Particles

Benefits of carrot oil

1.Clears Wrinkles
2.Lightens Complexion
3.Tightens Skin Pores
4.Prevents Sunburn
5.Anti-aging Benefits
6.Removes Blackheads, Scars And Some Other
Skin Infections
7.Strengthens Hair, Promotes Growth, Makes Hair Shine
8.Moisturizes Dry Skin And Scalp

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