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Homemade Recipe For Chronic Back Pain

Lower back pain, also called lumbago, is not a disorder. It’s a symptom of several different types of medical problems.

It usually results from a problem with one or more parts of the lower back, such as:

  • ligaments
  • muscles
  • nerves
  • the bony structures that make up the spine, called vertebral bodies or vertebrae

It can also be due to a problem with nearby organs, such as the kidneys.

Homemade recipe for chronic back pain
NB: Refrigerate.or keep in a cool place or put in a bucket filled with water.
Drink all the contents in the morning on an empty stomach, and in the evening at bedtime and then do the same composition every night before sleeping to drink in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening.
Do this for 10 days.

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