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Cleanse the Womb With Guava Leaves and Sour sop Leaves

Cleanse the Womb With These Wonderful Leaves

How to prepare the Leaves:

Take moderate of guava leave and sour sop leaves, wash well..

Boil it together and sieve it..

Drink it warm, morning and evening, half a cup…

This leaves are good for cleansing the womb, ovarian cyst, Fallopian tubes and fibroid, cancer, low sperm count..etc..

Side Effect:

It lowers blood pressure, so it is also good for people who have higher blood pressure..

But if you have low blood pressure already, then please you can do this treatment by drinking it for two weeks and give a break for one week or two weeks before you continue… Just give one to two weeks break in the treatment for people who have low blood pressure..

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Please for those who are taking COQ10 (Its a supplement), When you are on this treatment, don’t take the COQ10. After the treatment, you can take your COQ10 supplement.

Always eat healthy food, so that the treatment will get good result fast,

Don’t eat junky food.

And also people who are trying to get pregnant, stop treatment during ovulation, after ovulation you can continue

If you find out you are pregnant, you stop drinking it.


Please don’t drink your guava and sour sop leaves remedy and at the same time with fertility drugs… No to that!

Go with one treatment. Either herbal medicine or fertility drugs.

You can take your folic acid and multivitamin with the herbal medicine treatment.


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