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Prevent Dangerous Poisons And Charms

This palm fruit is called akwụ ojukwu in my dialect which is standing for defense,
The major duty of this palm fruit is to defend and protect one from various evil/ wicked manipulations.
You may see so many other palm fruit trees in the farm but to see this particular one many is always difficult .
Everything about the whole part of this particular palm tree are highly significant but let me talk about the fruits.
This palm fruit oil and palm kernel oil are more powerful than olive oil and so called holy water.

The palm fruit oil and the palm fruit kernel oil of this particular (akwu ojiukwu) is used prevention and curing of some ailment such as:

=: when u rub the oil on the body Or even when u drinks it, it prevent dangerous poisons and charms
=: used for damaging poison and charm
=: it scared winches and wizards away.
=: only one piece of this palm fruit in ur bag or pocket prevent a lot of evil attack.
=: The palm kernel oil is used to prevent and cure child convulsions.
=: The palm kernel oil is used to cure acute cough.
=: One can apply the oil when suspected that u match poison/charm.
=: The palm kernel oil nourish the skin when used as cream ( especially the children)
=: The smoke of the kernel shell when born in fire during cooking also prevent and scare away evil attack.

NOTE: you don’t need prayer or incarnation for this to be affective.


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